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Eat Weight Off Review

Dr Isaac Boules, the man behind the product / e-book Eat weight Off, is a registered practitioner and is associated with many clinics and has helped thousands of patients to regain their lost health, lost confidence and lost energy by reducing their weight enormously in a matter of just a few days. His achievement is no less than a miracle, but to see his miracle coming true even you will have to follow his diet plan very religiously.

According to Dr Isaac Boules, if anyone's overweight, it is only because their bodies are not burning fats and excreting fats the required speeds. The body does not do it because the hormones which burn fats are not being produced in sufficient enough quantities.

He says that if the production of these hormones could be triggered and urination from the body increased, the excess water and metabolized fats could be regularly excreted from the body and weight loss achieved at a super fast speed.

Eat Weight Off claims dieters can eat their favorite food — even chomping on desserts twice daily — without any guilt, provided they also consume the "miracle soup" detailed in his book. He claims this soup is the key to fat loss and helps dieters lose weight rapidly and safely. The description of his soup sounds nearly identical to the soup used in the The Cabbage Soup Diet, a fad diet where dieters only sip a low caloric cabbage soup to lose weight. Both diets are considered extremely dangerous by health and medical associations because both diets are extremely low in calories and may result in heart problems, dizziness, and stomach issues. The lack of information provided by Boules also contributes to this issue. Without knowing further information about the diet itself, it is hard to say if it will help dieters lose weight safely.

If you follow this system, you will lose weight without starving yourself, much quicker than almost any other weight loss program, permanently and without pills. Thus, it is a formula by way of which you lose weight and excess fat permanently without any side effects. The simple yet profound statement that Dr Isaac Boules has given is that it is not how much we eat, but what we eat is what makes us overweight. Eat Weight Off claims to help you lose 10-15 pounds in a week and these days it also giving away 100 Habits of Quick weight Losers absolutely for free.

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Eat Weight Off Review - Eat Weight Off Scam

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This article was published on 2010/10/01