How To Gain Weight Fast Without Gaining Fat

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Most people who suffer problems with weight are those who want to lose weight. However there are still those who feel that they need to add some pounds and would like to know how to gain weight fast. On the surface, this seems like a good problem to have. However, it is not just about gaining weight but gaining healthy weight.

The reasons for desire to add weight would include: improve body shape, to attain a healthy weight, and/or to have a muscular body.

While reducing weight mostly involves cutting the calories intake, gaining weight cannot simply be achieved by adding calories consumption. The process of how to gain weight fast involves great commitment through body exercises as well as proper nutrition. Using supplements coupled with appropriate body workouts can tremendously help to boost the process of weight gain.

Before starting on the weight gaining process, it is important to know how much you weigh and also know what a healthy weight is for you. This can be determined through determining your body mass index (BMI).

The best way to gain weight fast is not by adding fats in your body as this could result to some secondary consequences such as diabetes and cardiac conditions. One should concentrate on adding lean muscle as a healthy way to gain weight.

Using Dietary Supplements To Increase Your Weight

Increase in muscle development often requires that you increase the consumption of proteins. The best protein supplements are casein proteins and whey proteins. Soy too is a good protein sources but some men are uncomfortable about taking this as it is believed to increase estrogen production.

These proteins can be consumed in ready to drinks (RTDs) and also in powder form. Whey proteins dissolves easily thereby nourishing the muscles the very fast with amino acids while casein proteins take more time to be digested. This plus side of this is that it ensures that the supply of energy is sustained over a longer period of time.

For someone looking for ways on how to gain weight fast, multivitamins supplements would really be a good choice. In fact they should be taken on a daily basis. Though they do not directly result in weight gain, multivitamins do play a vital role in muscle development and therefore should not be left out in your daily diet.

Creatine can be another good supplement for people who looking to increase weight. Creatine provides a superb source of energy to the muscles. On top of this, this amino acid promotes the muscle cells ability to retain water which facilitates more energy thereby increasing strength and muscle size. Creatine is composed of three crucial amino acids that have been linked to adding strength and weight.

Supplementation with glutamine, a form of amino acid, can also help prevent weight loss resulting from strenuous exercise. Glutamine is found occurring naturally in the body but gets used up rapidly during intense workouts. Supplementation not only it prevents muscle fatigue and breakdown, it also increases the levels of growth hormone which further promotes growth and hence increased body weight.

It is important to note that weight gain supplements that are not of natural origin could be harmful to your health. Even more is important that you observe a balanced diet in all your meals to ensure that you supply your body with all the required nutrients. It is advisable to eat several meals a day (beyond the usual three) regularly spaced out. This will ensure that your body is well nourished at all times which will promote healthy weight gain.
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How To Gain Weight Fast Without Gaining Fat

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This article was published on 2012/03/20