Similarly one must do exercise and must go for a walk regularly

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Every now and then we come across this term weight lose, sometimes in news papers, or see advertisements on TV  etc, but the question is that why is this so important that every one talks about it. Well there are so many answers for it.

In terms of medical context we normally suggest weight lose as the decrease in total body mass or body structure of a person. A healthy human's weight is the actual weight of the bones but when a person puts on fat than more than a normal or balanced amount he/she gets a victim of obesity and thus needs to lose weight.

 Losing excessive weight is a good habit as obesity is the root cause of thousands of diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiac problems(heart problems) and the most common Osteoarthritis(joint problems). Every individual must have a weight according to its height the more tall you are the more weight you can carry but for average people the average weight is maximum 51 kg. but unfortunately there's a very few number of people who know about the average weight they should carry and the even worst thing is that those who know about this and those who have access to such shape meters don't bother to follow any such thing and for this very reason almost 60 to 75 percent of people around the world suffer from obesity or are overweight.

There are many reasons and one of the major reason is that our life have gone so busy that we depend on fast food system a lot and our comforts have affected our metabolism system badly. We don't have any positive activity left neither we walk nor we have any interest in sports. From old to young all are stuck with computers, cell phones and videogames, which ultimately results excessive weight.

Humans today are normally an extremist that's why the more rapidly people gain weight the more rapidly they try to lose it. For this reason people go for treatments like Liposuction, Bariatric surgery and dietary supplements. These things work in a very few cases and have a lot of side effects and may cause death in severe cases.

Besides these intentional ways of losing weight, people unintentionally lose weight very rapidly and this is normally due to some disease or abnormal body functioning. Such rapid weight loss is also fatal as it may cause tuberculosis, aids or hyperthyroidism (inactive thyroid). In most of the cases this unintentional weight lose is due to the busy lifestyle and unbalanced diet plans. And sometimes like the people of underdeveloped countries, if someone suffers from malnutrition than he also loses weight very quickly.

So a man must try to gain a healthy, average weight according to its height and age. As far as losing weight is concerned we all must go for healthy ways of losing weight. We must take a balanced diet and we should eat all the things like pulses, green vegetables and fruits but meat must be avoided if in need of losing weight rapidly.

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Similarly one must do exercise and must go for a walk regularly

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This article was published on 2012/03/15