Sustainability and Good Nutrition Encourage Weight Maintenance

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Lose weight in a week and enjoy a holiday in a luxurious setting when you schedule a week at Nu Beginnings health farm. Situated on the Devon coast, you will stay in a luxuriously appointed room in a gorgeous mansion with beautiful gardens, hiking trails and great recreation opportunities. Each guest is given personalised attention in order to formulate a sustainable programme of diet and exercise you can follow after you return home.

Dieting can be difficult for many individuals and often they cannot understand why they overeat. Two people from the same family with the same genetic makeup can choose radically different personal eating habits. At Nu Beginnings, you will be provided with two hypnotherapy sessions to help you identify the root causes of your eating behaviour and hopefully take gentle suggestion to make modifications in the future. These habits will be reinforced with a holistic approach to weight maintenance at this health farm, because it really is a farm. They grow their own vegetables and stress sustainable healthy eating of natural foods as the best lifestyle choice.

Most guests lose weight in a week that averages about ten pounds. Some lose considerably more, because the health farm is also a boot camp. Although you will never be asked to do anything more strenuous than you are prepared to do, many take the opportunity to jumpstart their metabolism and shed as much weight as possible to enjoy the benefits of positive reinforcement they receive during their week of nutritional education.

Sustainability in food, energy, and lifestyle choices are very important. Nu Beginnings maintains a lovely organic garden where they grow their own produce. Food that is not grown on-site is locally sourced and expertly prepared in healthful fashion, emphasising proper nutritional balance. They also offer menu and food preparation instruction for guests to furnish them with the tools they need to make healthy food decisions when they complete the programme. Exercise includes hiking, qigong, resistance training, yoga and much more.

Programmes are open to both men and women who not only want to lose weight in a week, but also develop the habits to maintain good health. Experienced professionals and like-minded individuals in the intimate group will help encourage you to alter your poor eating habits and adopt sustainable meaningful change.

You will stay in luxury during your health farm retreat. Each room includes natural organic toiletries and elegant accommodation in which to relax after a busy day. Two deep tissue massages are included to ease overworked muscles. You will train hard, but you will also be pampered. It is important to be rewarded for your efforts, so you will be motivated to continue.

Hypnotism has been used for centuries to calm, relax and influence others. It is recognised by medical and scientific disciplines as a legitimate therapeutic tool to change behaviour and is often employed to help individuals stop overeating or smoking. Your two therapy sessions will help you discover why you overeat and attempt to influence you to make better choices in the future.

You will return home from your holiday inspired to continue making healthy life choices. Keep in contact with other weight loss holiday goers in order to stay motivated. As you see the pounds come off, you will be motivated to continue with smart dietary choices and the appropriate fitness programmes.

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Anne Bennett is a health and fitness expert employed by a well-known European health farm. Anne has helped thousands of holiday goers from all over the globe lose weight in a week and maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

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Sustainability and Good Nutrition Encourage Weight Maintenance

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Sustainability and Good Nutrition Encourage Weight Maintenance

This article was published on 2011/10/28