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Very difficult exercises such as dead lifts, cable rows or shrugs can be better performed when wearing weight lifting straps. Normally, the exercises that require the use of these weightlifting equipment are traps and back workouts, but they are very practical for the performance of curls and dumbbell presses alike. Beginners are usually unaware of the advantages and comfort provided by weightlifting straps. A grip improvement has often been associated with the use of straps, although critics claim that it is dangerous to lift weights too high for one's level. There should be no problem to the use of weightlifting straps if you have skills and moderation.

It is best to use the weightlifting straps as a support for the less coordinated hand first particularly when putting the items on. Straps are basic fabric strips made of leather, cotton, nylon or suede. Straps have a loop on the part that gets attached to the hand, while the other end gets placed on the weight. Some people use wrist straps as a way to improve training, but the main downside here is that you can weaken the grip if wearing them carelessly. Designed for heavy weights in particular, wrist weightlifting straps are also known as cow ties.

The strap transfers the weight directly to the wrist, not letting it pass through the fingers. Mention must be made that with this kind of weightlifting straps you will not develop the strength of the grip because the fingers will be less used in the process. Dead lifts are the exercises in which weightlifting straps are most useful. Without proper care, health problems such as wrist or bone damage can happen. It is highly advisable that beginners train with these items of equipment only under careful guidance and supervision from a pro.

To understand the way most injuries occur, you should know that all muscles involved in an exercise should have a close strength level. Thus, a primary muscle needs equally strong stabilizing muscles in order to be efficient during weightlifting. If weight lifting straps are used for training and the muscles are not strong enough, serious damage can occur to the muscles. Thus, they get torn when exercising too intensely, and it will take a lot of time for a full recovery. Forget about the pro image you have in mind and build strength resistance in time.

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Weightlifting Straps

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This article was published on 2010/03/26